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Creative Revolution

becca j butler



Are you need of a creative shake up?
Are you looking for a way to creatively express YOU. Do you still have big doubts and fears around living your dreams the way you truly desire?
Creative Revolution is here to shake things up. To allow you to find your voice to speak your truth as your soul only knows how. To be the real you,  that brings to life the inner story that reflects the passionate driven life that is you.


Creative Coaching to help you revolutionise the way you do your life.
Creative Coaching is for you if you want to change your beliefs and find your self worth to live the dreams and desires you truly know you are meant to be.
Creative Coaching uses actual creativity as a process to help you uncover the hidden desires and bring them to life.


Becca J Butler's unique creative art process workshops guide women on a journey of self discovery. We unravel deeply held beliefs around body image and health using art, journaling, movement and essential oils.


Essential oils hold powerful healing benefits that  harness the ability to strengthen and protect our mind, body and soul.
Experience the magic essential oils.


"Our life is what our thoughts make it"

Marcus Aurelius


Art is the


of  the

human soul

Theodore Dreiser



Creativity is the voice that is deep inside of you.

Creativity is the expressed emotion that tells your story.

Creativity allows you to learn to trust your inner voice.

The practice of creating and stepping into the unknown fosters courage and faith.

And this courage and faith is what will allow you to transform your life into the life you truly desire to be living.


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 becca j butler

Creative Revolution