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Creative Revolutionist

Hello and welcome to my online home.
This is where the creative arts classes are held, right here on line.
I love creating and playing with art.
What I have found over the years is art is a great healer.
Art and the act of creating allows us to be in the present moment.
Art and creating can allow for suppressed emotions to be expressed.
Art and creating can be used as a visual narrative to understand our stories.
When we use the act of creating purely as an expression of ourselves it serves as a healing mechanism.
It allows us to dialogue with our inner thoughts and helps bring clarity to our situations.
Art and creating helps to heal our souls and free ourselves to make space for more meaningful pursuits in our lives.
My coaching and workshops are designed to help you set intentions for what it is you really desire. This process will help bring more clarity to your life.
You will experience the joy of creating and playing and allowing yourself a sense of freedom to create as your soul desires.
You will take with you your own art works that serve as the reminder and guide of your new intentions and desires.
Experience the JourneyCircles™ and MoonCircles™ process or the full body mapping process of Soul Art®