Exploring the extraordinary

Hello and welcome to our home of the extraordinary.

As two empty nesters we decided it was time to sell up and ship out.

Follow us on our voyage across the seas to find our first destination, Lands End UK.

From Lands End we intend to take a little stroll through the English country side to end up at John O' Groats, Scotland.

Just a mere 1042 km or 874 miles if you prefer.

The Hus, as he shall be known, is an experienced walker having conquered jungles, mountains, deserts and battling deadly brown snakes in the Australian wilderness, actually that was suburbia but it sounds more exciting. 

Me, the tag along, has climbed the winding hill streets of San Francisco over 30km's in one day as my biggest claim to fame. Everything else has been a walk in the park!!

But travelled the world we have. And now as we say bon voyage to the kids  from distant parts of Australia, we are once again heading out into the great outdoors to experience our lives to the fullest.

As fit young fifty year olds we are ready to show YOU that age is no barrier to fulfilling the desires of un-luxury travel.

We'll sleep rough under the stars and retreat the nearest BnB when the weather gets rough.

Morning coffee will be brewed on the camping stove but perhaps after a hards days walk a pub will offer us the respite of a cold beer and a decent feed.

Its sure to fun and everything else that will go with it.

We hope to inspire other eager empty nesters to fly the coop too in search of your very own exploring the extraordinary.



Coming soon


 becca j butler

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