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Is it really that easy to LET GO?

Well, I think YES & NO.

It depends how resilient you are and how determined you are.


I think there needs to be an awareness of what you are actually letting go of.

You see when you LET GO, you are literally LETTING GO of a part of yourself, and that is simply to much to bare for some people.

It can be like giving up your left kidney, something you need and rely on but don't have any real idea why.

You see the story you've been telling yourself and those around you who will listen, is what you live by.

You believe so deeply that it is true, that it IS YOU.

You believe the rehashed stories from yesteryear that :
*you are not that smart
*you are undeserving
*you are the weight you are because....
*you can't really do what you want to do.....
*you lack confidence
*you really were never any good at......
* and so on & so on....

Oh how you've told that AND many more stories about yourself that you actually believe it.

These stories that have had so much influence and input from others that you have taken it on as your own.

It is now your rule book. 
It is how you live your life.

So to LET GO is giving up a huge part of yourself that you have come to identify yourself with.

If you just LET GO and give this part away- where to from here?

What will fill the gap?
Who will you become?

All rather terrifying for most, it's all to easy to hunker down in the safety of your story even if it means never achieving what you really want or living into the dreams you had for yourself.

Having an understanding of how this story has come to be and what it is based on is crucial to be in the position of LETTING GO.

Only by excavating into your soul will you find the answers.

It takes deep personal reflection, time and time again to understand what impact the story has on you.

Only then will the correlation be made.

The dots will join, the pieces will come together.

Understanding you and your story is the first step of personal self discovery before you can simply LET GO.

Lucky for you I've have created a rather brilliant program that will give you some insight into where to start on this personal journey so you can learn to simply


It is imperative to know what you are LETTING GO of.

These deeply held beliefs are intwined and infused into every aspect of YOU.

They permeate your very being.

You radiate your story through your posture, through your facial expressions.

Your body tells the story- your body keeps the score!!

And it's a score you have not been winning.

Your body is full of suppressed emotions.
Your body is either gently whispering or loudly screaming for you to sit the fuck up and pay attention.

What do all these little things on my body mean?

Lumps and bumps, discolouration, joint problems, body weight issues, lack lustre skin, muscle atrophy, listless tissue and the list goes on.

This emotional stuff is so HUGE.

And therefore to LET GO is a monumental task.



Of course it is.

That's where it comes down to a simple decision.

As Mel Robbins says "you are only 5 seconds away from complete changing your life".

It's either a YES or a NO.

Are you ready to navigate the emotional road with all its twists and turns?

Are you ready to relinquish the story of you and re-write yourself another beautiful soul led story?

Are you ready to change because YOU CAN?

Are you ready to decide you want a better way of doing life?

Are you ready to live from YOUR dream book and not someone else.

It's time my friend.

Time to LET GO of the nonsense that "you can't do this".

Of course you can.

You simply decide today is the day!

Today is the day.

Emotional Fitness.

A creative self discovery journey that whip your emotions into shape.

Understand where you are letting your emotions, beliefs, habits and patterns rule your life.

Understand how your story keeps you locked in a holding pattern day after day.

Understand that your Emotional Fitness has everything to do with why you self sabotage your best efforts.

Get to know yourself.

Really, stop operating from a surface level of superficiality and get to know the real you who has repressed herself simply because she believes the story that was bestowed upon her(you).

Time to change the STORY.

Take the first steps.
Gain some insight into you.
Clarify why you do this to yourself.
Set an intention to break free from the shackles and live your life through a different looking glass.

You know you need to.

You know you want to.

So lets do this.

One step at a time.

 Emotional Fitness.

Start the new year feeling better about yourself.

Start the new year with more ambition to love yourself.

Start the new year with intention of living your best life and fulfilling your dreams.


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