• Rebecca Butler

Are you a Light Goddess or a deep dark one?

It has come to my realisation that I am not a "goddess" and nor do I want to be.

I had this belief this work, this gift of mine I want to share is in the realm of "goddess" work. And it never felt right. I just couldn't get the feeling a being a goddess in my work.

I started to doubt what I was aiming to bring to the world. I felt like it wasn't meant to happen and perhaps I was leading myself up a garden path that was going no where.

What I have recently come to realise is one, I am not a "goddess" in the way it is so easily flung about the internet and in books and blogs.

Two, I certainly don't feel like a flowy, light, ethereal goddess.

Three, I am not a "light" being.

What I am embracing is the DARK side of me.

Oh yeah, the darkness, where the shadows and the fear reside. For me, this is where I believe my power and strength lay.


Because to step into the unknown, the fear, the uncertainty takes a tremendous amount of courage, spirit and resilience to do so.

To face the beliefs we hold to be our greatest fear takes strength to go in a do battle.

To me this is just another learning curve.

We ALL have darkness, shadows, the fortress walls we hide behind. In essence, the darkness IS the comfort zone we reside in because when we are here we hide in our fears never letting the REAL truth be exposed.

We pretend , we mask, we hide our greatest of truths for we live in fear of ridicule, of pain, of judgement.

And why is this TRUE?

Because so many, so many people are simply not living in their ideal world. They are putting up with mediocrity. They are justifying the why's in their life. They are accepting sub standards to what they really, truly desire. They are just putting up with it because the TRUTH is too hard to face. The work requires stepping into the darkness and pulling out the real BEING. The darkness is the place to hide when reality can't be faced. When the pain of existence is too much to bare you retreat into the darkness.

Exposing your TRUTH, expressing who you truly are is all to hard, all too painful, too much to live with because you feel shame and guilt around being the REAL you.

You are scared what people will think. So instead you pretend to be a version of yourself that you think is socially acceptable, meanwhile it eats away you and sucks your soul dry. And yet YOU ALLOW it to happen in order to


Yet you are not learning from the darkness.

The truth you are searching for is not always in the light. It is not always in plain sight.

The TRUTH needs to be excavated from the dark so the light can then be shone upon it.


It is neither good or bad, it just is.

YOU decide whether it's for your good or not. YOU make it what it is.

YOU either make it work for you or against YOU.


The darkness is not to be feared.

The darkness IS you ally.

It is where you will find the meaning.

The meaning of who you are meant to be.

If you cannot face your dark truth then WHO ARE YOU?

Really, WHO ARE YOU?

So today, I embrace my TRUTH as I realise my STRENGTH is in my DARKNESS.

The more I seek, the more I learn.

Learn about the TRUTH of who I am.

This feels so much more aligned for ME. It feels comfortable and not like I am fighting off something that is not meant to be there.

I feel more settled in knowing there is great strength and all possibility and potential in the darkness.

I encourage you to not FEAR your own darkness and use it as a tool of power to enhance your life and live your dreams as you know they are really wanting to be lived.

Think about this....

If you are currently not living your dream


WHY are you not?

What is stopping you?

What fear is it bringing up?

What can you do to face your FEAR?

NOW- This is where you have NO other choice but to travel into the DARKNESS.


The DARKNESS when you allow it, is your friend.

It IS showing you the way out.

Now you get to decide.

Am I willing to journey into the unknown and find the treasure buried in the dark part of the shadow?

Only you can decide.

Your emotions will tackle you on this.

The emotions will stop you in your tracks.

You BELIEVE your emotions.

You let them take a firm grip on you and they get in the way of truth seeking.

Emotions ruin dreams.

If you are not taking care of your emotions, reining them in they are in control, not you.

It is time to find your Emotional Fitness.

Your emotions affect your well being., They play havoc on your health and they certainly take control of your undesirable weight and body fat.

If you are unhappy with your current weight and health situation you are in need of

Emotional Fitness.

Tuning into what drives your emotions.

Emotions evolve from the unanswered requests from your darkness to face up to reality.

The darkness is there to remind you to look at yourself in full truth.

The pain of reality stops you. The darkness you fear is YOU fearing YOURSELF.

And when you don't face your own reality you end up with emotions that control your weight and health.

Your emotions are ruining your wellness.

Think about when you eat out of spite, out of hurt, out of numbing the pain, its your emotions who are in control, NOT YOU.

It's time to face your TRUTH, your REALITY if you are not happy with your weight and health.

The Emotional Fitness journey will open your eyes to YOURSELF.

Emotional Fitness will help you understand more about WHO YOU ARE and why you do what you do that is detrimental to your wellbeing.

Emotional Fitness will give you the courage to face what needs to be faced so you CAN and WILL change the way you treat and respect yourself.

Learn to embrace and love yourself through finding and exercising your own

Emotional Fitness.


 becca j butler

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