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  • Rebecca Butler

Can't out run a bad diet.

Do you believe that if you eat too many calories on any given day that you can go and run on a treadmill for 30 minutes or so and you will have "burnt" off those calories?

This is a myth.

Don't fall for this nonsense.

You can not out train or out run a bad diet.

If you could then you wouldn't be seeing lots of fatties in the cardio area.

Walk daily

Have yourself a proper resistance training program if you like going to the gym.

Get your calories under control and eat real, natural foods. Only ones that have come from the ground or an animal.

Remember anything out of a packet is NOT natural.

When you eat in a calorie deficit there is a chemical, metabolic process that takes place in the cells that allow the release of fat. You don't "BURN" calories, you are not "burning" it off if you decide to run or use the elliptical machine!!!

Eating in a deficit is only as hard as you decide to make it!!

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