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  • Rebecca Butler

Pandoras Box

Our bodies are remarkable. They were created with, I believe, a self healing, self correcting mechanism.

In our crazy modern world we too often look outside of ourselves to find things to "fix us".

We ignore the subtle signals in our body until they become full blown beacons of distress.

I was thinking about this as I journaled this morning.

Take body fat for example.

Why do we start to become fatter?

What is the excess of body fat trying to tell us.

We become fatter for a reason.

I doesn't just appear out of no where, although it certainly feels like it does.

What is the message our body is saying to us when it starts to accumulate excess body fat.

We all too often blame the outside influences for this.

And I come back to what I've said before - what is driving you to eat more, or not move more that ends up as excess fat on your body?

What is the emotional NEED?

Why is the body storing the fat?

What is the fat DOING for us? What is it's purpose?

If you have excess body fat that you are unhappy with understand it IS serving you in some way.

It is in the understanding of why it is serving us that we can start to shift that.

There is a message in your excess body fat, there is a learning, a lesson, a need to know before it will go.

And this is not easy to answer. This takes work. It takes delving into what ever has gone on in your life and making peace with the good, the bad and the ugly.

No amount of diet and exercise will fix the emotional hold that excess body fat has on us.

When you over eat you are doing it for a reason. Finding the reason is the answer.

Yesterday I made poor food choices that did me NO favours. I feel like I was punishing myself for being lazy. Why would I punish myself for being lazy with food instead of just getting up and doing what I knew I really wanted to do?

Why would I not be doing what I really wanted to be doing?

Did I not feel worthy enough to do what I really wanted to do? Was that voice telling me I am not good at it so why bother?

So many things are said in our head that rule what we do even when we do not want to not do it!!

It's complete madness and chaos what goes on in our head.

Somehow we have to sort the wheat from the chaff and until we do that we keep repeating the same patterns and habits day in day out that DO NOT SERVE US.

Everyday we have to seek self inquiry if we wish to change the habits and patterns.

Use your aliment, your excess body fat, what ever it may be as the reminder that something is not right and it requires self investigation.

It is a work in progress, it requires daily effort, it requires change



Be your best advocate, because no one else will.

YOU have to do the work, only YOU know the answers.

Pandoras box does need to be opened.

Are you ready?

(For some people this sort of work may require the assistance of a professional and I urge you to seek out that professional help.)