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TCB-taking care of business

Taking care of business.

Today I started to explore my new area, a part of Penang I haven't been exposed to. It's much more accessible than Batu Ferringhi with new well paved roads and paths and I can walk by the water. This was more the lifestyle I was after. Both my husband and I like walking and it is something I want and like to do everyday. I also want a car-less life style. Walking and using the bus here is reasonably doable for most places, otherwise use a Grab or taxi.

Walking is one of those activities that can be done by almost everyone. Yet this simplest form of exercise is so under utilised its quite frankly ridiculous. I thought to myself this morning if I just keep doing everything I am doing right now in my life why would I deteriorate with age? I have strange thoughts!!

But seriously. If everything is working fine right now and I just keep doing this then theortically I can be just as active and well in 10, 20, 30 and I am planning 50 years time.

Why is it that we deteriorate?

Now this is of course my humble opinion and observation.

We either are:

1) Not doing the things that excite us and make us jump out of bed for the joy of knowing its going to be a great day

2) We start to slowly give up something we love to be doing. That might be because of outside circumstances.

(This also assuming no pre existing conditions)

I am sure you have had that feeling of when you give yourself over to others needs and you stop doing what you want to be doing.

What happens? You start to simmer the anger, the resentment and the frustration that brings. Its like a slow pressure cooker.

From doing the Emotional Anatomy Practitioner course we learnt to read the signs on the body that shows this.

And there are so many people walking around showing these signs.

These feelings knaw away inside you bubbling and festering into toxicity that ultimately changes your homeostasis- your bodies natural set point for all things normal and healthy.

Then you start to notice little niggles, pains, problems, and health issues start to plague you.

In our society we accept this as a normal part of ageing.

But is it?

If we look to the people of The Blue Zones who live to 100+ and by all accounts are well and healthy and more physically able than many non blue zone people, they live a life style of joy.

It is said the food they eat, which in a lot of cases is tended too, is fresh and natural, they are physically active and are amongst community and doing things they enjoy.

Our complicated lives are so wrapt up in doing for others we leave little room for the fun and joy life should be.

The less we do for our own pleasure the less confident we feel about taking the bull by the horns and taking a stand. A stand for what you want to do. We lack trust in ourselves over time and all but give up on the ideas we have for ourselves.

We all have certain responsibilities and tasks we have to do. We can learn to accept that in a more joyous way to help harmonise the feelings it can bring up.

However I am saying, carve out some time just for you. Put some boundaries in place and let the people around you know it is your time to do as you please, no questions asked.

Each and every one of us has a right to have our own time doing exactly what we want.

It is as important to your health as it is your pleasure and satisfaction.

As you know sometimes it takes a major health crisis to bring you to your sensibility. Instantly changes are made.

Lets make the changes before we get to crisis point so life can be enjoyed now and for longer.

And start walking, seriously start walking, there is no excuse not to walk and your body will thank you.

What fun thing will you do for yourself today?