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  • Rebecca Butler

The Journey Begins

And so the journey begins.

Tonight we set sail. Set sail for foreign waters, once we get past the Australian stops!!

We will head out into the unknown.

And for me that is what this journey is primarily about.

It is about stepping into the complete unknown and seeing where the path will lead.

This walk I am about to embark on is a personal journey of self discovery.

First it was to say YES, YES without knowing the certainty, but do we ever really know the certainty before we start? NO

And that is what so many people fear, that is what they allow to stop them from seeking the unknown, for taking the plunge into the muddy river without the clarity of certainty.

And yet that is what makes it all the more exciting.

As a woman at 52 it would be easy to just sit around at home, except I am homeless now!! and potter around, perhaps indulging in some hobbies and doing some small trips around here and there.

Being comfortable in suburbia and never daring to be challenged. Of course it would be so easy to let life drift away in the suburban haze of yoga, Aldi catalogues and coffee with friends on odd occasions.

For me, I couldn’t. I couldn’t envisage that life. I knew I needed more, I know there is more out there. There is a whole wide world to be seen. But on a personal level there are so many mountains to be conquered. I can’t just leave this earth without ever having given them a go.

This road of personal development is wide and varied. I have studied, read, listened and attended many different philosophies on bettering oneself.

And now its time for me to trust my judgement, listen to my soul and set forth upon the obstacles, if you will and see how I can hurl myself over them.

I have no idea what I am really in for. But what I do know is that I am not the first!! People have done this, (this particular walk) and I too will be one of them. This is deeply personal and it is nothing about the brag factor, although that will be pretty good too!

This is about me rustling up the courage, confidence, tenacity, resilience and will required to complete such a journey. It’s about me discovering the limits of my self, my tolerances and going beyond.

This is me overcoming the adversities that are sure to raise their ugly heads.

It’s much mote than just a walk. And I think for people that partake in these kinds of activities that is what it is about.

Sure the scenery is going to be spectacular and it will be remote and how will I feel being so alone and so remote. These are the kinds of challenges that I want to see how I react, see what I am made of, how do I handle it and what will I become once I do it.

These are the experiences I want to use to help other women to find their own personal gold mine.

To go in and find that special magic that allows yourself to go on these deep reflective voyages into self.

Of course it need not be a 1000km walk. But it takes a lot of guts to go in and find the beast that holds you back.

I am conquering that beast one step at a time.

I know I am slaying the dragon and finding the warrior woman in me to move mountains so I can learn to live my life in the kind of freedom I desire.

And you can too.