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The Work.

Doing the best we can.

I think we are all doing the best we can at any given moment. Really you probably wouldn't be doing what you are doing if it wasn't what you thought best for you.

I guess this kind of contradicts this when people are doing drugs or binge eating, doing something reckless or similar things.

Of course there will be exceptions here like violence but that is usually generated towards some one else.

Binge eating, taking drugs, drinking to get drunk etc etc are coping mechanisms.

People do it because they think it is the best thing to do at that time.

People look down on this behaviour as something terrible and a waste of time and money.

These people haven't found a better "best" yet.

They are doing the only best they know how. However this best may not be serving them in a good way

What is your "best" today? Is it serving you?

How do we move to the next level of "best'?

I'm sure you have heard this statement tossed around lately "doing the work".

But what the heck IS THE WORK?

All well and good to say do the work but if you don't know what "the work is" then what?

I think "the work" is different for everyone and how you recognise shifts in yourself will come from varied sources, thoughts and experiences.

THE WORK is what ever profoundly changes your outlook on a certain issue, topic, thought, feeling and allows change to occur that results in a better outcome for you..

It is something that means you are going to do your life a bit differently in a particular area.

One day you wake up and say "I've had enough, something has to change"

It is time to make a shift. Thats when you are more inclined to seek 'the work".

So where do we start?

I think a good place to start is journaling.

Ask yourself what is it that really bothers me? Why does it bother me? How does it make me feel? What can I do to make this situation different?

Any change is going to require effort.

Unfortunately we can't just wish a problem away, likewise wish a happy situation into our life either.

This I see as "the work". It is the daily practice of making change happen. It is the daily persistence to make change happen.

Really at the end of the day you have to do something.

No end of whinging and moaning will bring the change you desire.

And it is your desire that will bring you into action to change.

How much do you really desire the change you want?

If it is not a priority it is unlikely to happen.

Think of a vegetable garden. Bare and barren to begin with. You condition the soil, you plant the seeds, you water the garden. You love watching it grow. You nurture it doing everything to make your vegetables grow. Your attention is on producing big juicy vegetables. That is the goal. Everyday you take persistent action to make sure that happens. The reward-big juicy vegetables the best way you know how. That there is "the work" required.

Like wise if you forget to water it, and don't prioritise tending to it, it will not grown luscious big vegetables, it may not produce anything at all.

This means you do not value it enough to give it the daily attention it requires.

Your dreams and desires are no different.

The only way you can get a desired outcome is to do


Plain and simple. But not so easy to implement.

This is where we let our fears come into play.

We let fear stop us, be little us, screw with our minds and more often than not it wins. It freakin WINS!!

We, us, you, me, we can't let FEAR WIN. It strips us of our goals and visions.

As women lets support each other in our dreams.

Celebrate the tenacity and success of others.

Voice your dreams to the world. Tell your family, tell your friends you are on a mission. And you are going to do what it takes to make it happen.

Lets help each other out and know that we all have a right to live our best lives, not matter what anyone else thinks.

And know that our "best" is what we are doing right now. Yet there is room for better bests to come. We are open to receiving better bests!!

Playing and creating can help open up your vision to what best is there for you.

There is no right or wrong way when creating, there is only your way.

Creating allows your feelings to be expressed through a different channel, one you may not have used before in this way.

In Paint your Vision, I help support you in finding your way. The way that will open your mind, inspire you and excite you to believe in yourself to take the daily action to facilitate change for your benefit.

Paint Your Vision is a project to initiate passion. What are you really passionate about and how can you bring more of your passion into your life.

There is so much room for you to extend beyond the boundaries you currently live within.

I will hold your hand so to speak and guide you to see the possibilities that lay in wait for you.

This is such an exciting time to explore. This technology we have today gives up so much more options to help us realise

BUT NEVER DOUBT you have EVERYTHING you need within yourself to make your dreams come true.

You just have to believe it.


Say YES to yourself.

LOVE "the work", DO "the work" and BE "the work.

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