becca j butler

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  • Rebecca Butler

What mask are you wearing.

Who are you really showing up as?

Is it the real you we see?

Or is it Miss Nice Girl, the one you think the world wants to see.

Are we seeing you as your "perfect" self minding her P & Q's or do you want us to see your fuck you's, rough around the edges be exactly you?

The masks we wear, some elaborate, some simple, one for every occasion.

What would you really do and say if you knew no body ever cared or ever judged or even took notice.

How would you show up in the world?

And now the big question........

What is stopping you from being the REAL YOU, the really REAL YOU.

The one you are afraid to expose.

How different would you be?

Ponder this question and journal on it. See what comes up for you.

How would your identity change? What would you be afraid of letting go of. What do you hold dear to keep this current mask in place? How tightly is it held?

How does it make you feel knowing that right now you are not living the fully exposed true version of yourself?

And if you are living -fully true to yourself on every level of this how does it feel?

How do we begin to truly love ourselves when we are out of integrity with who we know we are meant to be.

Big questions for a Sunday journalling Sesh!!