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  • Rebecca Butler

You hold the power

Sometimes you think the thing you strongly desire is beyond your grasp.

You believe that someone like you couldn't possibly achieve that desire or you are not deserving enough. So you put that desire on hold or place it in the too hard basket.

Yet have you ever thought that what I dream inside of me is actually MINE?

Have you ever given thought to what I think already exists, it just doesn't exist in this reality YET?

Strange concept, however if you think about it, it does make sense. Every bit of you that exists is inside of you. Every thought, belief, behaviour is in you and subconsciously you bring them to life each day.

So why wouldn't that crazy idea or wildest dream be able to exist in your reality now?

Most likely reason you haven't bought it to life is you haven't allowed the power that exists within you to bring it to life.

You have a fear, fear of being judged. You doubt yourself and think you can't possibly do it. You feel undeserving so you let your idea sit and fester within you.

Now step back to when you were a child and you played games and pretended that you had magic powers.

How thrilling was it when you truly believed you were magical? You believed it, you played it, it WAS in your reality at the time.

You had the power to be magical.

As you grew up the big people in your life start to dismiss the very power each and everyone of us holds. Your belief in your own power was squashed as you moved into adulthood.

The magic was whipped away along with the belief that we each hold our own power to create, create a life we want and love.

This power does exist with in us otherwise we would literally do nothing all day. This power is given its level of strength dependant on you. You give rise to how much it can be a force in your life. You give the negative aspect of your life so much power that it almost can stop you in your tracks.

So how about some reverse engineering and turn the stronghold your power has on the negative and shift its trajectory into the positive aspect.

Think how dynamic, how exhilarating, how magical all that could be.

And it can be!!

You really do hold the POWER to create all that you wish for. You just have to decide how much power you are willing to give to your dreams, hopes and desires.

Today and everyday give rise to the power you posses and use it unashamedly.

It wouldn't exist in you, be a part of you if you weren't meant to use it!!