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Are you still chasing the Dream Body?

Are you still pining after that body you had as a 20 year old?

Have you saved your skinny clothes for the last 20 years just incase?

Have you given up on yourself and lost faith in your body and self worth?

Do you demonise yourself or feel repulsed when you look in the mirror or do you avoid the mirror.

Have you let your body affect your social life, are you actually participating in you life fully?

I know how  you feel and I hear you.

I hear the call.

There must be a way, an easier way.

This can’t be the way forever, there must be more.

I want to share a little secret with you, a secret you have not allowed yourself to realise.

A secret you have ignored, buried, stuffed down and all but forgotten.

You already have your dream body.

Yep thats right, you heard me.

You already have your dream body.

I know someone forgot to share that memo with you.

Seriously, it’s not like you can go out and purchase that elusive dream body.

It’s not something you collect  one day on your way home from work like a take out pizza.

That body is right there with you.

Always has been, always will be.

It's there right alongside you, inside you and outside you.

You are your dream body, you have your dream bodyright now.

She never left you, but did you leave her?

Yes your dream bodyhas always been with you, how could it not be?

Maybe right now in your eyes it's being seen as unfavourable, undesirable or unloveable.

Perhaps you are sick and tired of looking at that body of yours and wondering where did it all go wrong.

It didn’t go wrong, it has just been misguided.

Well lets not dwell on past regrets. That will get you nowhere fast.

Lets start to look at the reasons you’ve dropped the ball on your dream body.

And for the record lets drop the dream bodyand call it something else.



Your body is not a dream. Its real, its living and it deserves some love. She has been neglected for what seems years and years.

She then started to rebel against you and you haven’t been able to figure out why.

Then add in all the confusion out there about body, diet, exercise its hard to know your macros from your micros and what carb you can or can’t eat this week.

When did this food thing get so complicated?

Isn’t it meant to be simple?

It’s just food.

But is it?

Food is your weapon, your poison, your comfort, your hatred, your anger, your jealously, your rage, your spite and so much more.

Oh no,no, no, it is much muchmore than food.

Now stop and think just for a moment, What if it wasn’t the food that was making you fat and miserable but the fact that you think it makes you fat, well ummm… makes you fat?

You see your body responds to your thoughts, feelings and emotions and when you think you are fat well your body is just doing as it was told and it made you fat.

Think about how you berate yourself about food, what choice does your body have?

Your body is reacting.

You've put it into reaction mode.

It just does as it is told.

With so much emphasis on what food does, how it behaves, how it reacts, how it makes you feel , you’ve turned it into something far more sinister than food.

So lets play a game shall we?

Lets play a game where we start to trick our body and get her responding to our commands and demands in a loving and kind way.

Lets start to nurture and nourish your body.

Lets start to honour and respect your body, surely she deserves that.

Lets get to know her more intimately than you have ever known, because just perhaps you don’t really know your body at all.

Are you ready to be reacquainted with your body?

I have created just for you an incredible place for you to come and get to know yourself.

I have been in the health and fitness industry for more years than I care to remember and along the way I have learnt a thing or two.

I have seen women not unlike you kick the house down screaming at their bodies with pleas to just lose the weight.

I have seen the scams, the nonsense, the lies, the plans, the programs and I can’t see how they address the issues that are bothering you the most.

And that coveted six pack, I mean really what are you going to do with it if you ever achieve “it”, parade it around wearing a crop top to work to show that yes I have muscles.

Natural occurring muscles that are right where they belong in this moment. 

Yes you do have a six pack, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean you don’t have it!!!

So I have created MY  Body Revolutionto help you navigate this slippery slope of health and wellness, love and self care.

This is not another lose 10kgs in 6 weeks program because the truth is its very difficult to lose 10kgs in 6 weeks when you don’t even respect your body.

But I have cleverly come up with a creative solution that is going to have you loving your body so much you’ll think you are in a brand new one.

How exciting is that??

So is this for you??

Most certainly if….

If you are at your wits end on the whole diet merry go round, then look no further.

If you have given up hope of ever loving your body again, then this is for you.

If you actually have no clue about food, exercise and sorting your carbs from your proteins, then you need to be here.

If you don’t know how to look in the mirror and say to yourself’ I love you”, then you most definitely need to be here.

If you feel shame, embarrassment or guilt about who you are and the body you are in the YES, YES, YESthis is for YOU

What you get:

3 month membership

Intimate small group training in a private Facebook group. 

Weekly live Facebook training

Weekly homework to keep your momentum going


Essential Oil recipes for your body

Recipes and food guidance

Exercise recommendations 

PDF Hand outs outlining the principle of the 7 energy systems to help guide you to better health and wellbeing.

And a very special  ongoing creative exercise that you are going to love  that I will share with you when you are on the inside of the My Body Revolutiongroup

Ongoing support within the group

Private 1:1 coaching call

This is a very unique approach that is going to kick your butt into giving love to yourself as you begin to change your relationship with your most precious and prized gift-


This offer is only available for the first 12 clients. This is so we can have safe and intimate conversations and build trust in a supported network of women on a similar journey.

We learn from each other and we support each other in the process.

What you will receive is invaluable to creating your belief in yourself again, re-establishing your faith and love the body you are in.

There is no time to wait.

Make today the day you say yes to yourself.

Today is the day you start to fall in love with you again.

Today is the day that will change your world .

When you love yourself again a whole new world of possibilities opes up to you.

More than you can ever imagine.

This goes way beyond just your body.

You are opening up the portal to a whole new way being.

Lets start

Your Body Revolution


  My Body Revolution

  now and lets get this started.