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The Joy Project-

21 Ways to BLISS

The Joy Project.


Oh yeah my life is dull, boring and I don’t know what to do about it.


It seems like there is simply no joy left in me and this is it, this is my life from here on in.


Where did my life go?


How is it I have lost my lust for life?



Are you one of those women who has lost the JOY of life?

Is each day as mundane as the last?

Are you on the hamster wheel, one day rolling into the next with no distinction from the last?

Do you feel you have nothing left to give and nothing to inspire you?


Are you wandering this earth with no real purpose or direction?


Well you are not alone.


And it doesn’t have to be that way.


For many women the second half of life already seems like an innings that is well and truly out.


You find yourself as an empty nester, the kids have grown up and moved on and the partner/husband is lost in their own calamity.

Or perhaps you are reconsidering your options but have not found clarity on the road to a happy and fulfilled second half of life.


This time in your life serves as a great opportunity to restructure and repurpose your life-YOUR WAY!!!


This is is perfect time to follow through on those long lost passions, dreams, hobbies or interests.


Yet you secretly feel so scared, so fearing and not wanting to be judged.

You may have lost yourself in all those years of doing for others.

Your self esteem has taken a hit, your self worth is in the gutter, your confidence was lost long ago and you may simply feel your better years are behind you.


Well I’m here to call B.S. on that- BIG TIME.




It’s TIME for a new REALITY.




Maybe you haven’t realised it yet, but you are the maker of your dreams.

You are the creator of your life.


Each day you wake up with the choice and it’s you who gets to decide how the day will play out.


And yes you may be thinking,”well I have responsibilities to others” and “I can’t just runaway and skip into an alternate reality”.


Well that is your story speaking my friend.

That is how you excuse yourself from the JOY life has to offer.


This is where you let your story be more important and bigger than you.


This is where you prefer to let your dreams and ambitions sit on the back shelf.


One life.


One life to do what you love.


One life to play in the alternate reality.




Of course you can.


You only have to decide.


One thought.


One HELL YES to yourself is all it takes to move into finding the JOY.


You and only you has the big decision to decide 












It is NOT selfish to live for you.


take that very thought away from your mind now.


When was it written and decreed that you would put your life and dreams on hold for others.

It wasn’t.


That's the truth.


It never was-period.


The truth be known the more you do for yourself the more you can do for others.


The JOY, the simple JOY of following your passion expands your heart, your soul and your time.


The JOY lets you revel in bliss and wonder.


The JOY is timeless when you are so carried away in doing the things you love.


You become happier.


You start to find the direction you’ve been looking for.


You start to regain purpose and clarity.


You become more fun to be around.


Your energy changes and you become more vibrant and inspired.


And you find time to willingly help others rather than feeling pressured into being there for others.


You begin to have the courage to stand in your TRUTH.


You make choices and decisions based on your soul, your intuition and from aligned purpose.


You simply start living a life with JOY.


It all starts with choice.


And yet this can seem so scary, so hard and something to fear.


Right now you are unable to express what you really feel and it allows you to hide behind the fear and stop you from living your JOYFUL life.


However If you were able to learn to express your truth with confidence and courage 




If you woke up each day knowing exactly what wonderful happenings lay ahead for the day




If you stood in your TRUTH each day and lived as authentic to you as possible




Life is AMAZING.


Your life can be AMAZING.


You get to chose AMAZING.


You really do, despite what you think.


Trust yourself and do what is for your higher good.

Seriously, do not let another day slip by unnoticed, unloved, not enjoyed.


Now that you are all grown up stop letting that little girl inside you make your decisions.

Take her by the hand and with all the love within you tell her 


“we are finally going to live that life we dreamt of”.


Now is the time.


It is the only time you have.


Stop living for tomorrow or another day.


Stop kidding yourself.


Stop putting your life on hold.




Are you ready to LIVE WITH JOY?


Gift yourself the 


The Joy Project.


21 days of rediscovery.


21 days of finding your truth of who you really are.


21 days of creative expression.


21 days exploring your joyful way to live.


21 days of giving yourself the pleasure of being in the moment.


21 days of remembering who were always meant to be.


The Joy Project  - 21 Days to find your BLISS



21 days of self discovery through creative arts projects to stimulate and surprise.


Play in the creative realm to find your truth.


Create to find your inspiration and enthusiasm for life again.


Through different creative arts exercises you will learn to find the JOY in the simple tasks that will shift your perspective profoundly.


The internal power you will find will having you saying a HELL YES to living life with JOY.


You will learn to listen to your internal voice, trust your souls whispers and live from your hearts desire with more passion, vigour and radiance for life.


21 Days to change your perspective and live with a completely different outlook and intention.


What choice will you make today?


Join the


The Joy Project -

21 Days to find your